Healthy diet for a world without diabetes

Healthy diet for a world without diabetes

Diabetes has become a public health problem. This disease is no more restricted to a particular boundary. It has become a global concern. In order to control the mounting prevalence of this disease, the world community decided to celebrate World Diabetes Day from 1995.

Every year November 14 is observed as World Diabetes Day. The Day has its own significance. This day is marked to raise awareness and provide affordable care against this menace. Though we celebrate the day once in a year, we should stand tall everyday and spread knowledge to control this disease.

One may ask, “How to cure diabetes?” It is not the disease that could be cured only by identifying the symptoms. Rather, it is a disease that could be cured exclusively by developing a strong commitment to fight against it. One must keep in mind that obesity, unhealthy diet; sedentary behaviour and stress are the known risk factors.  At least once a year, diabetic patient has to undergo a thorough screening for complications of diabetes. If the complications are discovered at the very early stage, it is possible to annul them or at least slow their development.

The available data suggests that there are more than 42 Crores of diabetic patients in world. Though it is estimated to reach more than 65 Crores by 2044, the health organizations, like World Health Organizations (WHO), have taken a pledge to lower down its expansion and limit up to 55 Crore.

Although we don’t have a concrete to data suggest the actual figure, diabetes prevalence has increased by 8.3 per cent across Nepal. The non-adherence to balanced diet is one of the major responsible factors that invite this disease. Unfortunately, the rural population of Nepal is still unaware about the measures to control the diabetes. The utmost efforts should be made to spread awareness and slam the progression of this disease.

Its often seen that the persons with diabetes become a patient of depression too. If Mr X is suffering from diabetes, then it is not only his issue but it ought to be the concern of his whole family members. The family members should stand with him and help him by all possible measures to combat with diabetes. So, a diabetic patient is in want of a strong support of family members. It is the support of family members that builds confidence in him to overcome with this global disease.

It may be noted that the diabetic patients along with other family members should take a balanced diet. Its improper to sideline diabetic patient in a family and ask him to have certain foods. Every family member should have a balanced diet. Junk foods, rice or the spicy and oily foods should be least consumed. It is advisable that we should consume a proper balanced diet with a proper adjustment of calorie. If we could make an adjustment with calorie, then the persons with diabetes can also have plenty of options in food items. So, in one way or the other, it is the adjustment of calorie and balanced diet that plays a major role in combating with diabetes.

Its high time Nepal prioritized its fight against diabetes. As diabetes is a chronic disease that demands lifelong management, its more spread to the economically disadvantaged sections of people, which is a matter of serious concern and needs urgent policy and routine interventions. The more we know about this disease, the better it is. Let’s be united and spread knowledge about diabetes and fight against it.